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Nola Flight eSports¬†is the Premier¬†eSports Organization¬†platform based in New Orleans, LA founded in 2020 by Brandon Hutchinson, Jay Lawson, and Spencer Ivey.¬† During COVID-19, the three saw how much the entertainment and sporting world was evolving.¬† With no contact sports or spectator sports available to players and viewers during that time, the three decided to take it upon themselves to give competitors and viewers in the New Orleans region something to look forward to by bringing them a new home team.¬† Starting off by hosting small invitational tournaments, the organization evolved into recruiting gamers world-wide and competing in major online eSports tournaments.¬† Now the organization hosts tournaments and leagues in Call of Duty League, WarZone, and Rocket League and continues to recruit talent from across the world in popular eSports titles.¬† Here at Nola Flight, we’re dedicated to providing you the best of¬†eSports, with a focus on dependability, integrity, competitive gaming, stream support, content creation, and branding. We’re working to turn our passion for¬†eSports in the New Orleans area¬†into a booming market. We hope you enjoy our platform¬†as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

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