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NOLA FLIGHT Esports is the Premier Esports Organization based out of New Orleans, LA. The main focus of NOLA FLIGHT is to provide a Professional Esports Team to the people of Southeast Louisiana. Another area of focus is to provide an inclusive and competitive gaming community in the Southeast Louisiana region while helping facilitate Esports awareness in the Gulf South region as a whole. We plan to accomplish this by building the NOLA FLIGHT brand around the culture of New Orleans while heavily focusing on the residents of New Orleans’s passion and love for their sports teams.

  • New Orleans’s Team
  • Represented in 20+ States and 5 countries
  • Established in 2020
  • Proud members
  • Competing in Rocket League, Warzone, Call of duty, Halo, and other titles

MArdi gras edition lan jersey



Top Flight Threads is a subsidiary of Top Flight LLC. We help businesses, organizations, and creators create a brand by offering customized apparel services. This is done through our entirely in-house structure, where we work directly with our clients to offer merchandise in a customized manner. Our focus is on being able to tailor the merchandise to the experience, rather than confining our clients to a preset list of options.


Ms. Mickey’s has everything you need to take your cooking skills from good, to great! With our wide range of exotic ingredients we can make anything imaginable. So go ahead – find that special seasoning, herb, or hot sauce – it’s waiting for ya here! 
We only offer high quality products! 


Cibergator Technologies was created because we saw a need for technology and support for Education and Esports in Louisiana and smaller communities throughout the US. Cibergator can provide a wide range of technology for Education by providing hybrid and remote classroom solutions. We can also offer hardware, services, and software for school information technology upgrades. With Esports rapidly growing and its impact on students, we knew we needed to support this area. Esports can give so much more to a student than just playing and having fun. Did you know that Esports can increase students’ grade point averages, grow teamwork, give students a sense of belonging and build a career path for them? Cibergator can provide your school or team with information, support, and hardware to help get your program off the ground. Even though we specialize in Education and Esports, Cibergator can assist your business or home with technology needs.


Juggernaut Energy is an energy drink company focused on more than just providing a product but an experience as well. The Juggernaut brand was created by driven and upcoming entrepreneurs with a strong passion for video games, fitness, and emerging lifestyle trends. Fueling the path to success is owners Sean Kinahan and Denver Hardin who built the leadership team based off of work-ethic, ambition, and by focusing on cultivating a community of inspired and self-motivated individuals.

LOS Champs

NolaFlights very own Rocket League team competes in a league named Los Champs which just finished Season 0!

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On this podcast, Eric interviews people whose life stories have left an impact on his life. Each episode, minute to minute is slightly different, hence the name, “ADHD Experience.” This podcast is for anyone and everyone. Eric provides a platform for each guest to share their unbiased story. We hope you learn something from them as much as he has. The goal is to help others and show that you can do anything you put your mind to.



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